Dear Street Library,

My dear wife gave me the gift of a street bookcase on my birthday before retirement from teaching two years ago.  It is the best present I have ever received. I painted it in estuarine colours and have handwritten the titles of my 100 favourite novels all over it.

In addition to sharing the books that I have treasured over time, I in turn,  have been rewarded with novels left by visitors to and neighbours in my coastal village that have both delighted and provoked much thought.

People regularly stop for a chat to discuss literature and I have met more people since retirement than in all my working life. If literature fosters empathy, Street Libraries show that it also nurtures community.

I leave my own review in each book shared. This elicits subsequent debate and wonderful conversations. C.S. Lewis wrote that “We read to know we are not alone,” and sharing books helps make that true.

Spread the word. Think about a gift of a street library for a bibliophile friend/ relative. They will be forever grateful. 

I thought you might like to share this if you think it’s of any value. 

Best wishes,


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A blue Street Library in Tuross Heads, NSW.
A blue Street Library in Tuross Heads, NSW