I first had the idea for a Street Library back in 2019 and because I publish children’s fiction and love reading and encouraging children to read, I decided it was time to put one up in our own front yard. Then with COVID, it was even more important to make sure that our wonderful local community could access books somewhere other than the local libraries.  It also seemed like a great idea for my family to build it (using the Shed kit of course!).  Using my publishing connections, I received some donations, purchased the Shed kit and we got started. The perfect paint job was a little more challenging until my daughter came up with the idea of coloured paint blobs and this is the end result. We had a fantastic time painting it.


We are live near a local primary school so have great foot traffic.  The local community also passes by on their way to a local lake and walking track.  The day after we put it up, the locals were already exploring our books – and adding to our Street Library. We enjoy watching people stop and look at it and wonder which books they have chosen to borrow.  We have a great range from picture books to adult fiction and everywhere in between – something for everyone. We want everyone to come and browse and get lost in a world of books and their imagination. There is a book for everyone.