According to the Gregorian calendar, summer is officially coming to a close. But at SLA we’re confident there are a good couple of beach-going months ahead of us. 

We love seeing Street Libraries at beaches and surf clubs around the place, but have you had the good fortune of experiencing a Beach Toy Library? The concept is another win for the sharing economy.

A Beach Toy Library involves a simple box-type structure situated on or near a beach, where buckets, spades, sand moulds and even body boards can be donated for all to enjoy. And it works! Reports are filtering through regarding a few sightings locally, but it seems the concept is quite well-established internationally. 

Any initiative that helps minimise the amount of beach-going paraphernalia required these days works for us.

Have you seen any Beach Toy Libraries in your travels? Let us know in the comments below.

A wooden structure at a beach, holding toys for sharing and borrowing.

Pic courtesy of Amazing World. Thank you.