Do you want to be a writer? If the answer is yes then inspiration to embark on a writing adventure is at hand!

Better Reading has created a six-part series Better Reading On Writing. A companion to the popular Stories Behind the Story podcast, this is not a ‘how to’, rather an inspirational and highly entertaining listen for those who are intrigued about the minds of authors, their processes and their worlds. 

In one episode, Candice Fox talks about her jaw-dropping experience of lunching with Bill Clinton and meeting a serial killer on death row on the same day, all in the name of research! Trent Dalton talks about how you need to ‘open up a vein’ when you set out to write and Melina Marchetta finds material everywhere including in the aisles of the supermarket where the most revealing of conversations happen in the most ordinary of places.

Hand-picked from the writing success stories of 2019, listeners are guided through the creative life of five bestselling authors and one publisher while they share with us how they do it and why they do it. 

This series is for everyone: writers, teachers and students, would-be authors, and readers who love hearing how their favourite authors work. There will also be podcast notes and transcripts available. 
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