I have always loved reading, and a few years ago I started an Instagram account to share my love of books (come find me at www.instagram.com/katie.reads.things!). Since then, my bookshelf has been overflowing with books that I’ve picked up on recommendations from fellow readers. I’m also lucky enough to be gifted quite a  few upcoming releases by publishers, and as much as I would love to, I just can’t get to them all, and I am quickly running out of room in my house to keep them! So when I recently moved to a new house, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to set up a street library so that I could share my love of books with my neighbourhood.

My 4 year old helped me paint our library – he had a lot of fun with the splattering! One of our favourite activities in lockdown has been to sit on our front steps and see who comes past to check out our library. We are on a main road and right near a bus stop so we get lots of people walking past! I love seeing people taking and leaving books, and it makes me so happy to know that my preloved books are finding new homes. I’ve even found a few gems in there myself!