Emerald Queensland is known for its abundance of natural minerals, including gems. A recent gem, in the form of a Street Library has been added to the crown of this central highlands region. The Street Library has been set up by Peter and Alicia who are both teachers at local schools and are passionate about literacy. Peter first discovered the Street Library project while on holiday in Montville, Queensland. 

The opportunity to give books a second life and inspire others to share in the joy of reading inspired Peter to purchase the Kit Version of The Shed and over the space of a few weeks the Kit blossomed into ‘Books in Bloom’. The library is blooming with books of all genres and Peter, Alicia, Sammuel and Alister  encourage people to pop by and take a look and a book. The library has been a hit in the street and Peter and Alicia are happy to see people finding joy in the process of reading.