Hi. Vikki and Jim here. Our little street library is in Avonsleigh near Emerald, in Victoria (Puffing Billy turf!). We live on a pretty quiet dirt road, so we don’t get as much foot traffic for the street library as we used to at our old address, (before we moved here). Nevertheless we still see books disappear, and some new donations appear, and that gives us a buzz. We are an older couple, both with our own grandchildren now, and we both love to see kids reading. The whole world opens up to a good reader, and the power to think and reflect is aided by the practice. So our library has mostly books for primary aged (or early high school aged) children. Every now and again we vary it up and put in a number of more solid novels for the older readers. When we change the books around we re-advertise in the local facebook community page and it seems to get a lot of hits. It is a simple but most satisfying small thing that anyone can do for their local community. We highly recommend it!