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Build your own Street Library

Are there rules about my Library’s design?

It would be awesome if your library was weatherproof – books are just so much easier to read when the pages aren’t all crinkled together :). Using reclaimed materials will make your Street Library green. Think long term – screws will last longer than nails. Several coats of sealer will help your library to last a long time. A picture frame without the picture in it makes an excellent door. Apart from that, this is the perfect opportunity for the latent architect in you to creatively express your ideal library / sharing space. If you come up with a great design, and you’d like to share it, send it to us and we will add it to the website.

Here are some cool ideas to inspire your creation

Some moments from classes held over the last few years

(hint: we don’t run them anymore – but you can purchase a library kit here.
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