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Build your own Street Library

Are There Rules For Street Library Design?

There are no rules! But we have some recommendations, all based around ensuring the sustainability of your Street Library. 

Weatherproof your library – incorporate some eaves into your design to protect your library from the rain, and when it comes to painting your library, don’t by shy about layers! Think undercoat layer, decorative layer and a clear external varnish for effective protection. Repeat this process every couple of years.

Use reclaimed materials will make your Street Library green – reclaim, repurpose, refurbish – you don’t have to buy new.

What else? Screws last longer than nails. A picture frame without the picture in it makes an excellent door frame. Perspex is safe and allows good visibility for people checking out your catalogue. Put an old bar fridge or microwave to use. Vamp up the old TV cabinet – there are endless possibilities! 

Creating your own Street Library is the perfect opportunity for the latent architect in you to creatively express yourself. If you come up with a great design, and you’d like to share it, send it to us and we will add it to our website to inspire other future Street Librarians.

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Reuse and Repurpose: Some Inspiration For You

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