I work at The Agency Real Estate in sales and have always noticed that buyers make comments on homes that have Street Libraries nearby. It can be a symbol of a friendly and safe community.


We live in Naremburn and wanted to bring that same sense of community to our own street. Along with our Twin 10 year old daughters, we decided to undertake a ‘lockdown’ project as a family and build and decorate our own ‘Street Library’. The girls drew some of their favourite book characters and we painted and sealed the box. After sorting through our attic storage we realised we have a lot of books gathering dust. We rekindle our love for some of the books and started re-reading a few then shared them in the Street Library. 


It’s been amazing how many locals have embraced it. The Street Library seems to be constantly renewed with different books from locals and some old books have returned for others to read too. Our kids love checking to see what new books are there to read and decide what they are going to leave in the Library next for others. They get excited when someone has chosen a book they chose to put in the Street Library. It has been a great way to encourage the kids to read more and share with the community.  It’s a great community initiative and everyone always stops and smiles at the Street Library and comments that it’s a wonderful idea. We love the thought that a simple thing like a Street Library can brighten someone’s day.