Donation Waitlist – Would you like to host a FREE Street Library?

From time to time, we get generous donors who love the idea of Street Libraries so much they want to support the organisation and help spread the joy across Australia.

To that end, we’re establishing a ‘Donation Waitlist’ for people and not for profit organisations who would like a free Street Library. Our donors will pay for the library to be built and sent to you, with no strings attached.

Our waitlist is open to:

  1. Social Enterprises with more than 100 registered volunteers.
  2. Community groups with more than 20 members or volunteers
  3. Not for profit organisations with a turnover of less than $500,000.
  4. Any unemployed or retired person with a solid and verifiable history of community work or advocacy.
  5. Any published Australian writer.

Recipients will need to commit to:

  1. Able to paint and install the library(s) they receive in a spot accessible by the public
  2. Adhere to the mission and values of Street Library Australia
  3. Love and care for the library once it’s installed
  4. Registering your library at

Apply online in the form to the right!

If you’re interested in supporting our project and would like to see our Donation Waitlist, please contact us.

Library Donation Waitlist

Enter your details if you'd like to be be donated a free street library for your street.

  • The name of your organisation
  • The best number to get you on.
  • Where are you planning on putting the street library? Is it outside your organisation?
  • The website of your organisation
  • Tell us why you'd like a Street Library - this will help potential donors understand why they should donate a library to you!
    Please check all applicable boxes. If you want a library fully installed, you will need to check the installation box.