Short answer = Yes.

Long answer = Don’t put it on the verge.

Longer Answer = Maybe Not.

You are always better off installing your library on your property, or property you control.

Having a library on your property means:

  • You get your library going faster (speaking to council can take years)
  • You don’t need anyone else’s permission
  • You control it better, and these libraries are generally better looked after than ones that are on community property
  • There is zero chance you’ll find your pride and joy library removed by an over-zealous council worker

However, some councils do turn a blind eye to great community projects like this, or indeed, have a great set of policies that might encourage Street Libraries.

We’ve written a list of the ways council can help here.

Our experience is that speaking to council will:

  • Add time to your project (average 6-9 months)
  • Add cost to your project (average $500-$2,000 – and do you have public liability insurance?)
  • Add complexity to your project (you’ll have to explain to council that no, it won’t be used to store drugs, and yes, we’ll monitor it daily in case anyone puts something dodgy in it)

So, it’s a decision you have to make.

But, in the interests of getting things going we’d say – put it on your property.