Unearthing literary discoveries in your local Street Library is super-exciting, but for many individuals finding a Geocache inside a Street Library is next level!

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor adventure played all over the world. Participants use the Geocaching app or a GPS device to discover cleverly hidden containers known as Geocaches. The aim is to remain discreet while searching so as not to alert non-players. Once someone has discovered a Geocache, they sign a log and mark their discovery using the app to let others know.

Reports are filtering through via the Street Library community of Geocaches being discovered inside some Libraries around the country. We hope that this alerts members of the geocaching community to our endeavour to make books freely and readily available to all and encourage prospective geocachers to take and/or leave a book when they make a discovery inside one of our libraries!

Geocaching is a great way to stay active, meet people, explore new places, and now… to discover books! For anyone interested in Geocaching visit our website. There are millions of geocaches in over 190 countries waiting to be discovered—there are probably even some near you right now.

 Source: Geocaching