Did you know books have healing powers? Street Librarian Carolyn and her family, who recently launched their Little Book Clinic in Frankston South, VIC, are living proof of this claim.

“We decided to start The Little Book Clinic after our son had surgery,” says Caroyln. “The only thing that made him feel better was books!”

“Reading can reduce stress levels, increase empathy and creativity, and it provides an escape from everyday life.”

Carolyn’s son is fine now, and no doubt this is partially due to excellent and loving care, but we’re confident books played an important part also.

“He read The Funny Kid books (by Matt Stanton) to heal,” Carolyn reveals. “When he was waiting to have his surgery he was understandably very scared so we borrowed one of these books to read from the local library. He found it so calming (and funny) that I purchased about 5 more secondhand Funny Kid books for him, which he read with gusto while recuperating from his operation.”

So make an appointment at The Little Book Clinic to get your daily dose of books! Or if you’ve read a book that made you feel good, bring it down to The Clinic to share those healing powers! 




A one-off Street Library inspired by Doctor Dolittle's Pushmi-Pullyu.