Did you know there are almost 4,500 registered Street Libraries in Australia? And are you aware that number is constantly increasing, and that Street Library Australia is mapping them along the way? 

We would love your help.

Snap Send Solve have made reporting libraries super simple, and by using their app you can report unregistered and unmapped Street Libraries in just a few moments. 

The Snap Send Solve app is available from both the App Store and Google Play and allows you to inform us of any Street Libraries you encounter out there in the wild. It’s quick and it’s easy:

  1. Open the app and confirm your location
  2. Select the Incident Type ‘Street Library Location’ under the ‘Community’ Category
  3. Take and add a photo
  4. Add comments and contact details so we can let you know we’ve acted on your report
  5. Send report

We’ll do the rest. 

That’s it! Thanks for helping us achieve our goal.






A simple Street Library
A Street Library covered by a garbage bag to protect it from the weather