Here at Street Library we love to push the boundaries. That’s why 30 Hickson St was the perfect place to plant our flag…

It’s the 29th of June, 10 degrees and sunny in Barangaroo. The unsuspecting public walks through the streets, oblivious to the event that will soon transpire. It is here that we meet our protagonist; a young intern, fresh faced and out of his second year of uni. He’s armed with a trolley, a big box of books, a couple of stickers and the will to succeed.

His task is simple, he has to set up one of our Street Libraries in an enclosure on the side of a building in the heart of Sydney’s business district. As part of this little experiment, it is paramount that he does not get caught.

He walks down Hickson Street dodging suits left and right, weaving through construction workers. All he can think is that these people need some culture in their lives, and he’s going to bring it to them.

As he reaches his destination, he panics; he’s right next to a construction camp. After a few minutes he calms himself down and starts completing his mission. He realizes that he isn’t an unwelcome visitor, he is supposed to be there. The blandness of the business district is overwhelming, everyone is just another cog in the wheel. It is the perfect setting to make a statement, to bring some color into an otherwise grey community.

After he’s done he beholds his triumph. He takes a few pictures and walks back to the train station with a skip in his step. As daring as his task was, it was easy to execute, all he had to do was act like he belonged.

We hope you enjoy our newest library at 30 Hickson Street!