My name is Karri McPherson and I’m a Visual Artist based in the Hunter Valley. I specialise in creating geometric, abstract artworks and in my practice I bounce between studio work, mural commissions, public art installations and digital art.

I came to designing a Street Library when I stumbled upon a call out for artists by the Lane Cove Council in early 2020. I hastily applied as I’d always wanted to paint one and I was thankfully selected! Unfortunately, COVID-19 then struck, and as I would be collaborating with preschool students on the Street Library, we had to postpone the project by almost twelve months. In early 2021 I was finally invited to attend Kindy Cove in Lane Cove and I spent a few hours with the adorable preschoolers who helped me paint the library. It was a fantastic experience, and I was incredibly honoured to collaborate on this project with such a lovely group of children.


Karri Mcpherson (Visual Artist)