Alfred St Community Library

42 Alfred St Ramsgate Beach NSW 2217

Our library has been a HUGE boost to the community especially in these times. We have a large population of older folk, and when the other libraries where they normally get their books, closed, we have had so many people who walk pass, and even drive to our little library. So many people come to us when we are in the garden to say thank you. Our library is constantly changing books, and any books that sit for a few days are taken out and replaced. Very little monitoring has to occur as the people who use our library have wide and varied interests.

I first saw the community libraries in the USA when I was doing a road trip. They really appealed to me and when I came home I talked to my Daughter in Law about them and she was really keen to have one. I designed one, and my son built it, I painted it and presented it to her on her birthday!! She was so keen and is the one who manages the books.

Located at:42 Alfred St Ramsgate Beach NSW 2217

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