The ‘B’ streets is the place to be,
come with me, and see, the library.
It’s all for free, just listen to me.
Take, give or borrow it’s all guilt free.
A book for you a book for me.
Where will the books be?
At ‘The ‘B’ streets library’,
Come and see.

We all read a book at night,
hold it tight, don’t get a fright.
The pages turn one by one,
now there’s none, the book is done.
Don’t keep the book all to yourself,
don’t put it back up on the shelf.
Bring it to ‘The ‘B’ streets’ library,
that’s where i’ll be.
Looking for my next good book,
come and have a look.
At ‘The ‘B’ streets’ library, with me.

Located at: 19 Balfour street, Northmead, 2152, NSW, Australia