286 Forest Road, The Basin, VIC. 3154

We've just put our Bearvix Fun Library out the front at 286 Forest Road, The Basin and are hoping the during this crazy time people might take advantage of a free book or two. Please come andh ave a look, there's something for all ages.

When I was a child I had stamps and little pockets in my books at home, I even had a little card file with the titles of books and authors name and who borrowed and when it was due back (this of course was in the days before databases) and my parents were pretty sure I was going to work in a library at some stage. I even charged my siblings if their books were late back…… I have always been a keen reader and try very hard to impart this to my children and grandchildren with my own library in our home as well as a kids section and a sport section but wanted to get out there for more people to enjoy books like I do. My husband designed and built my library and we shared the painting but he was so clever to paint the shelves with glow in the dark paint. We set our Street Library up yesterday for the first time but sadly due to our current pandemic situation we were unable to have a grand opening but took some proud owner and granddaughter pics. Of course it poured rain all night. I checked it this morning and not a single drop got in, I’m rapt.

Located at:286 Forest Road, The Basin, VIC. 3154

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