Beary Cute Books

Arthur Williamson Park, Narrien Court, Samford Village, QLD, 4520, Australia

Part of a "Bear Hunt" walk started during the Coronavirus lockdown, the Beary Cute Books box was placed along a popular walking path to complement the bears placed in and around trees by the local community.

Beary Cute Books was born of a need to supply local kids with a “borrow a book” while walking along the path admiring the handiwork of local children who have coloured in bears or placed toy bears along the path. Our family made the box out of wood, painted it and placed a poem alongside the box so people would know what to do. Our kids took books about bears from their own bookshelves to donate to the library to share with the local community.


Come take a look
And borrow a book
To read about bears
And forget all your cares.

The books love to be read
Especially in bed
Return when you’re done
For others to share the fun.

Located at:Arthur Williamson Park, Narrien Court, Samford Village, QLD, 4520, Australia

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