Between the Lines

10 St Andrews Drive, CHIRNSIDE PARK, VICTORIA 3116

Love a great read? Love reading to your kids? Our Street Library is filled with wonderful, colourful, quality books for kids, teens and young adults.

There is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. The feel. The smell. The physical sensation of turning the pages and taking in the words and pictures—the entire experience is about so much more than simply reading the words on the page.

The ‘Between the Lines’ Street Library is all about sharing books that have a special meaning to us as librarians, books written by friends who are authors, or books that particularly speak to our hearts.

We also have a love of high quality children’s books, so you will always find some wonderful kid’s, teen, and young adult books in our little library. We only stock books that promote a positive, helpful and healthy outlook on life.

We’d love to have you come visit to take a book, give a book or share a book.

Located at:10 St Andrews Drive, CHIRNSIDE PARK, VICTORIA 3116

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