Blaxland East Street Library

67-85 Old Bathurst Road, Blaxland NSW, Australia

This upcycled library is a way of connecting our community. Books for all ages, sharing with our neighbours and friends, and making new ones over the love of books.
Conveniently located near service station, local school and shops, this street library provides an opportunity to unite us through the joy of reading

Our street library started life as a drawer left by the kerbside for waste collection. Our street library creator, with the help of his 11 year old son, custom made the street library by upcycling everything except the hinges and magnetic catch. The Perspex panels were cut from a discarded fridge vegetable crisper, timber for the door and shelves were cut from an old bed frame and the metal roof was cut from discarded white goods. The two street library builders painted the library red. The colourful images were then added by the younger of the creators along with his school class and teacher.
We want to share our love of reading so please take a book or two, give a book or both.

Located at:67-85 Old Bathurst Road, Blaxland NSW, Australia

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