17A Barkly Street Warrnambool, 3280

I extended the concept to include that the children may take a book, read it and return it because I don’t want the children who don’t have a book to leave, to be denied the opportunity.

I believe if we encourage children to read they don’t ever have to feel lonely. They can bury themselves in the book and have a sense of companionship that is controlled by the book they choose. When they turn to the internet for a sense of companionship the outcome isn’t controlled. It is dependent on the responses of other people and that can sometimes lead to a negative experience.
When four of my grandchildren relocated to England I missed them and worried they would miss me so I decided I wanted to do something for other children who might be lonely. My grandchildren had left behind the books I had given them so when I was asked what I wanted for Christmas I asked for help to create the little free library which nows sits on the fence in Barkly St in Warrnambool.
Unlike other little free libraries around the place, this one caters specifically for primary school children and younger.
The structure was made using a $5 cupboard, old picture frames $5 and a tin roof that was offered up free of charge online, donated perspex, and weather-proof paint to finish it off.

Located at:17A Barkly Street Warrnambool, 3280

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