Bookawarra – stop * swap * read

37 Arrawarra Rd, Arrawarra Headland, NSW 2456

Visit Bookawarra on Arrawarra Headland. It's packed with books waiting for adventures. Local or visitor? There's a book to take on your travels (even if it's home to the couch).

As a closet librarian who loves all things books and reading, thousands of books have passed through my life. Every book leaves a little bit of magic and I’ve always thought books are made for sharing.

We moved to Arrawarra Headland in 2015 for a life with space for reading, art and the beach. But the two years before that we spent circumnavigating the coast of Australia in a motorhome.
Travelling light meant discovering a network of caravan park laundry libraries all around Australia, where travellers exchange all kinds of books. Now we’re back in a house, instead of a laundry library – why not take it to the street. I talked to my partner Al, found a street library on pinterest and he built the house that’s now in our front yard.
Books are made to be shared – come get one!

Located at:37 Arrawarra Rd, Arrawarra Headland, NSW 2456

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