Books on Nash

30 Nash Street, Happy Valley, SA 5159, Australia

The idea behind our Street Library is a simple one - to get people reading, meeting, having conversations, and swapping not just stories but books as well! So come along to Books on Nash - your very own mini library, pick up a book or two, read or pass on, add your books to the library. Its free, its yours so lets get together and get it thriving!

Not only do I love books, I love promoting them to everyone! Setting up a library in our corner of the street was a dream of mine. I’m a librarian by profession and do love starting conversations with readers, finding out their choice of books, swapping reviews and getting recommendations of their favourite titles. Our library’s story is a very communal one. Bill, our neighbour, kindly got the local Men’s Shed to make one – using decking material and a repurposed window, my husband and I painted it, and handyman Trevor installed it!

Located at:30 Nash Street, Happy Valley, SA 5159, Australia

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