Books on Oaks

10-12 Oaks Avenue, Cremorne NSW 2090

Book lovers will understand…like free beer on tap, this is an open bar for books! (Without the hangover.)
Aren't we always on the lookout for the next good book and wondering what other people are reading?
I hope this street library will go some way towards curing our collective Book Envy.

I cannot begin to tell you how chuffed I am to launch this street library!
How lovely to share the books I have read with others and spread the joy.

It’s more likely I will be sneaking out to the library in the dead of night to pinch books to add to my ever increasing pile of unread tomes! But I shall try to exert some self control.

This was a $35 Vinnies find, and we transformed it by adding a glass window, a roof, and a few coats of paint. A big thank you to my wonderful and very handy partner Grant who patiently put up with me hovering over him, asking stupid questions and getting underfoot during the construction. Also, for not getting mad when I knocked over the tin of green paint.

Everyone in our townhouse complex was behind this project and were all keen to contribute their collections of books – even before the library had been put up!

The Library is located at the very eastern end of the property.
Keep an eye out for the resident brush turkeys, 8 or 9 of them at last count.

If you see me, please stop and say hello, and we can talk about books!
Come along and join in the community spirit!

Located at:10-12 Oaks Avenue, Cremorne NSW 2090

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