Boronia Park Public School students painted a beautiful artwork on our Street Library, installed as a part of the activation project.

The City Activation team of the City of Ryde, in collaboration with the local business and Boronia Park Public School, is piloting a public space activation project at the corner of Thompson Street and Pittwater Road, Boronia Park. The generously sized public footpath was originally constructed as a future outdoor dining and trading area, however, it has been underutilised due to the nature of adjacent existing businesses.

Through people & place research, the team developed a set of low-cost activation ideas to help the local community build ownership and a sense of belonging in the place. It welcomed:
• New comfortable timber seating and tables suitable for longer stays (e.g. reading, watching people, eating and drinking), especially for older people.
• Street library that operates as an honour system, with the community as the guardians: Boronia Park Public School children painted the artwork. The business owner of an adjacent store offered to look after the Library every work day.
• Playable areas equipped with chalkboard and fun decals: The business owner of an adjacent store (Framing Studio) has offered to replenish Council-provided chalk as required.

Located at: Corner of Thompson Street and Pittwater Road, Boronia Park