Borthwick Park Branch

Borthwick Park, Thornton Street, Kensington, South Australia 5068, Australia

In Borthwick Park you will find a little library brimming with books, magnificent River Red Gums full of birds, playgrounds, benches and shelter.

Inspired by the popularity of our first Kensington Street Library (in the garden at Surreal Hair, 324 The Parade) the Kensington Residents’ Association or KRA sought and won funding from the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters 2023 Community Grants Scheme to purchase two additional Street Libraries. This second “branch” of Kensington’s little library network was installed in the Borthwick Park shelter shed in December 2023 and many books have come and gone since. Leave a book or take a book – or both – next time you visit Borthwick Park. If the library is full please don’t leave your books. We need to keep this public space tidy. Bring your pre-loved reads back another time.
The birds painted on the library are regular visitors to the park – resident magpies look for insects in the grass or garden beds, kookaburras can be heard laughing in the trees that line the creek and on a still evening you might hear a Southern Boobook owl calling. Check the bird list on the KRA website to learn the names of other bird visitors (
We have a wonderful volunteer who checks the little libraries in Kensington every day whilst walking her dog to ensure there are plenty of books, the content is appropriate and the libraries are in good shape. If maintenance is required, the KRA Secretary is advised and repairs are actioned.

Located at:Borthwick Park, Thornton Street, Kensington, South Australia 5068, Australia

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