Bright Start Preschool

143 Rotherham Street, Bateau Bay, NSW, 2261, Australia

Increase your literacy, love of books and reading by borrowing a book to share with your child or for some time out and relaxation by yourself with a hot cuppa.

Our preschool children had an interest in visiting the local library and for a street library near one of the children’s homes.

While doing some woodwork one day, one of the children asked to build a house and the idea of building our own street library was conceived.

It took a team effort across a number of weeks to research the design, for the timber to be purchased, cut, painted and assembled into our library.

We had many conversations about what a library was and how other people could come to our preschool and nearby bus stop to borrow a book.

Every child participated in their own way to assist in the development of the library from cutting timber, painting and using the tools to assemble it. One of our children even had the suggestion to put our hands on it so people would think of us all.

We have children who have been interested in being our librarians to check the books and ensure that they are being looked after and that the door is closed so they don’t fall out or get wet if it rains.

Our children are taking a greater interest in reading and community involvement since we began our journey and we can’t wait to connect with more of our community and further increase our literacy and love of books.

Located at:143 Rotherham Street, Bateau Bay, NSW, 2261, Australia

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