Brisk Bay Street Library

66 Whyte Avenue (Brisk Bay - Heronvale) Bowen Qld 4805

Dive into the Joy of Reading at Brisk Bay's Street Library!

Calling all Heronvale residents! We’ve got something special for you. Introducing Brisk Bay’s very own Street Library! It’s a box of books located in a friendly neighbor’s yard. Accessible from the street, it’s an open invitation to share the joy of reading.

Our Street Library is like a window into our community’s imagination. Books come and go, no check-ins or check-outs needed. Simply reach in, take what interests you, and return it or pass it on. It’s all about trust, hope, and spreading literary happiness.

Have a book you think others would enjoy? Drop it off in any Street Library you pass by. Let’s build a network of book lovers, one book at a time.

Join us at Brisk Bay’s Street Library. Get lost in captivating stories, embrace new adventures, and experience the magic of reading. 📚🏖️

Located at:66 Whyte Avenue (Brisk Bay - Heronvale) Bowen Qld 4805

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