Charlotte X Jen’s Street Library

245 Pittwater Road, Manly, NSW, Australia

Our library is filled with fantastic fiction; absorbing adult and captivating children’s books. Come and be a part of our Manly book-loving cafe community.

Back before COVID, Jen would come to Charlotte Cafe every morning. She’d sit at her favourite table in the corner and would always bring a book with her to enjoy reading when she was drinking her coffee. People often asked her about the books she was reading and frequently discussions would start about book recommendations, favourite books and authors. It certainly made a change to see someone reading a book rather than scrolling through their phone.
Once lockdown started and Charlotte Cafe was only serving takeaway, Jen’s morning ritual was no more. When coming to the cafe to collect her takeaway coffee, Jen would look fondly to “her corner” and hoped the day would come when things would be back to “normal”.
When Charlotte Cafe could eventually bring back it’s tables and seating, Jen thought her favourite corner would be the perfect place to put a Street Library! She wanted to create community at the Cafe and encourage the joy of books and reading.
So, with Charlotte Cafe’s blessing, Jen created the Street Library in Charlotte’s signature black and gold colour scheme. She unloaded her overfilled bookshelves and took a trip to Lifeline to stock up on children’s books.
Now, people can come to the cafe and not only pick up some great coffee and food but they can pick up a book. They can read it there or take it home. They can share it, love it, return it and add to it. The library is there for the community to share.

Located at:245 Pittwater Road, Manly, NSW, Australia

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