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80 cherry road Eleebana

when our double door fridge took its last breathe of iced air , we were delight to have a water tight case to which we could house our community vision ' a library for the elderly to use as an exchange, donate or borrow program , which promoted literacy programs for the people who didn't feel confident driving to the local library. when the nursery put in a coffee shop across the road we felt it was a hand in hand idea - have a coffee and come and grab a book. our families primarily donate the books , along with the University to offer a vast array of books for all interest and curiosities of life . it has been a smash hit from day one - with some neighbors donating books from the 1900's and others exchanging with newer titles, children leave our day care centre and walk out the front with their parents and encourage them to grab a book. people walking their dogs , grab a book to mark their walk. its been an amazing addition to our community project and to engage the community in our vision

moving forward we will maintain the quantity and arrangement of classics. picture, collective titles, and always aim to provide books from recipes to Scottish highlands to Wilbur smith. i am delighted with the public’s adoption of this project and the turnover we are experiencing.people will always prefer hard copy and with an aging population i am more than happy to help cater for the communities needs and encourage all to read. Lets feed imagination, creativity and relaxation 🙂

Located at:80 cherry road Eleebana

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