Christmas Creek Road Library

3237 Christmas Creek Road, Lamington, QLD, Australia

Our library contains everything from esoteric tomes to absolute crap - in other words, something for everyone. So do have a look!

‘Street Library’ – (To the tune of Cows with Guns)
Nell loves books and wanted to share
She had an idea, with books to spare
Street Library

Westbourne Street library
She had to see
It was love at first sight
‘I need one for me’
Street Library

We will fight for reading freedom
And hold our books up high.
We will run free with our books in hand, or sigh,
Street Library

The Karma then started
Nell and her library
Both arriving in Gray Rd
It was destiny
Street Library

From far around the helpers flocked
To dig some holes in solid rock
With Rob’s hands

The box that came was a plain thing
Needed some of Kyle’s bling
Artwork sings

They gathered by the road
For the great unveiling
Twas a lovely evening
With no danger of failing
Street Library


Located at:3237 Christmas Creek Road, Lamington, QLD, Australia

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