Cooper’s Corner

44 Babers Road, Cooranbong, NSW, 2265

A lovely street library sharing good books to the Lake Macquarie community.

I have lived in Sydney for the last 8 years and I fell in love with the many Street Libraries tucked away in the inner west suburbs. I would find multiple in a little suburb online and then go for a walk to explore the suburb, finding and sharing good books. I have dreamed of owning one for a long time.
I am lucky enough to own my own home and the Lake Macquarie community have been so kind to us since we have moved. My husband made me this Street Library from scratch. We have put it right next to the local reserve which is a popular walking spot with lots of beautiful wildlife – ducks, water hens, kookaburras and swans.
I hope this Street Library brings others as much joy as other have to me – I look forward to being a Street Librarian!

Located at:44 Babers Road, Cooranbong, NSW, 2265

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