Dusky Court Street Library

5 Dusky Court, Lake Coogee, Western Australia. 6166

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Wanju noonuk! Welcome!

The Dusky Court Street Library was established to help all members of the Lake Coogee community access reading materials no matter what age they are! From toddlers to adults, you’re sure to find something wonderful to read.

As a passionate reader and lifelong learner, your Street Librarian was once a Secondary School Teacher and Adult Educator. Raelene’s passion for helping everyone access reading materials came about when working as a Prison Educator in around 2001 in Victoria, Australia. One of the inmates, who would have been around 55 years of age, approached her and said that the only thing he wanted to do was to learn to read so that he could spend quality time with his grandchildren when he got released. From there, came a burning desire to do everything possible to ensure that everyone can access books at any time.

With the cost of living forever increasing, it’s becoming harder and harder for families to buy books. So from that idea came the Street Library, a place where anyone can come and “Give A Book, Share A Book and Take a Book”.
It was important to recognise the land and beauty of where the Street Library stands, so added to the design of the library is a short history of Lake Coogee (Lake Kou-Gee), a stunning photo of the lake at sunset with two of the most popular birds that live in the Lake Coogee wetlands.

The Dusky Court Street Library is registered with Street Library Australia, and its Community Number is 6164.

This page is dedicated to the Dusky Court Street Library and will hopefully include many book reviews, visits and posts in the years to come. Hopefully, the local children who contributed to the design will be able to grow with the library and see their handprints on an important community resource in the years to come. Do you have a book you’ve been wanting to read? Ask for it here! Do you have books you’d like to donate? Contact the Admin.

As this page is used by young people and adults of different ages, race and gender, please keep all content and photos respectful at all times. If anyone has any concerns about using the page, please contact the Admin. If anyone notices anyone behaving in an inappropriate manner around the Street Library, please call the Police or Co-Safe immediately.

Located at:5 Dusky Court, Lake Coogee, Western Australia. 6166

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