Frankie Walter Peta Share Library and Cafe

48 Southbank Boulevard

Welcome to Southbank's largest street library! Come and browse hundreds of books and then sit back and enjoy with a cup of the best specialty coffee by Seven Seeds.

When we first moved into the area five years ago, we loved Southbank as a location but noticed that apartment living can be isolating – we were surrounded by so many people yet sometimes there could be so little sense of belonging. My partner Shane also worked in the area at the time and agreed that a community hub could really benefit the largely corporate population.
‘Frankie Walter Peta’ – a share library and cafe – was our first venture into the hospitality industry, and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible network of support we’ve met along the way. The opportunity came up in August 2017 year when our daughter was just six weeks old, but we decided we had to take a leap of faith to follow our lifelong dream of combining business and community development. We often wonder whether we would have seized the opportunity so readily if we weren’t so sleep deprived and facing the existential experience that all new parents encounter!
Since opening, we have been so chuffed by the enthusiasm building around the share library. We wanted to create a space that customers could feel at home in, and the idea of the library has been embraced instantly by locals and workers alike who have said they were waiting for something like this for ages!
It’s not all about the books though. Frankie Walter Peta is now known in the area for our high quality products from local artisan suppliers – the star of the show is of course ourcoffee from Seven Seeds.
Southbank is not just where we live, it’s where we call home, and we are so excited to share that feeling with other people too.

Located at:48 Southbank Boulevard

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