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670 Coast Road, French Island VIC, Australia

Living on an Island with 120 residents, a handful of children and no library can feel isolating. Being able to go and get a book to read or change over is ideal for this situation. It's not always convenient or easy to go across on the ferry to the Hastings library. Books are something I feel should be accessible to children and adults and this is a great way to make it happen.

French Island is located in Western Port Bay and is accessible only by ferry. Our closest library is in Hastings which is a 15min ferry ride followed by a 15min drive. In winter, you may not be able to access the ferry due to cancellations because of the strong winds, this can leave you isolated for days or even up to a week. I moved to FI in 2017 and saw the need for a street library after using one in Ormond 3204 whilst visiting my daughter. After making enquiries and confirmation that no purchase was needed or building skills – I got to work and visited our community tip where I found an old fridge. I’m looking forward to getting this known on the Island and we have very avid readers who will welcome this initiative.

Located at:670 Coast Road, French Island VIC, Australia

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