Graham Weule

15 Kita Road, Berowra Heights, New South Wales, Australia

I teach art classes in my home. I have tiny tots to all ages coming in and out for classes. The street library adds a lovely dimension to our home. Its talked about, explored and ravaged by students. Books for all ages.

My library is in memory of my dad who passed away a couple of years ago. One of his passions was/is reading. He worked as a teacher for many years and then as a lecturer teaching about child and adult literacy. His office was filled with children’s books. Our home growing up was filled with books. He would share books, give books, take great delight in discovering books. Libraries were a space full of richness where anything was possible, bookshops beautiful places to wonder and wander. As a child I would often come home as and dad would have bought me a book. I knew it would have been thought about and considered. A great compliment to give a gift so thoughtful. So my library is for him.

Located at:15 Kita Road, Berowra Heights, New South Wales, Australia

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