Grange Road Street Library

35 Walters Avenue, Airport West, Victoria, Australia 3042

Come one! Come all! Share your love of books at the Grange Road Street Library.

During lockdown for COVID 19 I wanted to do something for my community so I placed a tub of books on my front lawn for people to share, take, borrow or keep. Unfortunately this didn’t end so well with someone taking the entire tub. So not to be deterred I asked my brother in law to make me a street library which he did. Now we have a wonderful way of sharing the love of books in our community. I would like to thank Lenny, my brother in law for being so generous with his time, my friends Anna and Odero, for first of all planting the seed for this idea and for drawing up the plans for my library, my son James for all his assistance in getting the library to fruition and most importantly I want to thank all of those people who have encouraged my love of books over my lifetime, especially my two eldest sisters who both encouraged my reading and provided the most wonderful and amazing books that fired my imagination. To all the teachers and school librarians, especially Rae Swann who just kept feeding my appetite for more and more books, this library is dedicated to you.
Because of all of these people, I have a love of books that has kept me going through hard times, given me joy in good times and keeps me going every day.
It’s time to pay this forward and if only one person gets what books have given me, then what a joy that will be.

Located at:35 Walters Avenue, Airport West, Victoria, Australia 3042

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