Greenhills Little Free Library

Greenhill Road, Greenborough, Victoria, Australia 3088

Our minty green little library sits happily in the park on Greenhill Road in Greensborough. Borrow a book and have a read in the park and then donate a book and share the joy of reading with others! We've seen the library have some treasures for kids such as Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair and for grownups who love a thriller, some Patricia Cornwall books - it's different every time! There are local shops and a cafe next door to the park, so grab a coffee and spend a quiet moment to indulge in reading in the park!

We want to encourage a lifelong love of reading and ensure that everyone has access to books in our community. This has been a team effort! Coordinator Anna Lee thought that having our very own free library at Greenhills Neighbourhood House would be great, then after discussions at a Greenhills Board of Management meeting, we decided to put another library out in the local park, a short walk from Greenhills Neighbourhood House. Volunteers at Reservoir Neighbourhood made our library and a volunteer at Greenhills Neighbourhood House painted the library a minty green colour! We are very proud of the library but also of what we can achieve when we work together in our community. We love Greenhills!

Located at:Greenhill Road, Greenborough, Victoria, Australia 3088

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