Gufo’s Library

17 Adriana Circuit, Botanic Ridge, Victoria

Along a regularly travelled foot path in the very leafy neighbourhood of Botanic Ridge, Gufo's Library is full of everything for kids to adults.

We have built Gufo’s Library out of material that we already at around the home, including recycled pallet wood. We upcycled an old shelf that we built many years ago, used wood from a large tool crate, and finished the siding off with cut down pallet wood. A tin roof should keep all the rain out. We 3D printed Gufo at home – gufo being Italian for owl – painted him and added him to the front of the library and called it became know as Gufo’s Library. We hope that it is the start of something good in our neighbourhood, and plan to fill the library with everythign from novels to kids books to tehcnical stuff, including 3D printing! We’re also going to add a seed library in there so passers-by can take some seeds to grow something at home. Finally, we’ll add a surprise in there every now and then to inspire someone to try something new. The library sits on the fence at the back of our property – along the footpath on Brown’s Road.

Located at:17 Adriana Circuit, Botanic Ridge, Victoria

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