Haig Ave Hideaway

17a Haig Ave, Denistone East, NSW, Australia

Internet too slow? Grab a book and go your own speed. There's no download limit to the imagination.

17a is the middle of the street. Haig was a General. Avenue is from the French. Denistone is from the English but sprouted up nearby in the form of a house. East is neither West, North or South, except if you’re looking from another perspective. All of this is on Wallumattegal land, now flowering in a global celebration of human diversity. The possums and magpies swap shifts, perhaps wondering why people are coming and going from the small box, carrying smaller rectangles that they seem to have exchanged. None edible. That is, of course, if their shimmering vision is not a dream. Rain, clouds, sun, stars, rushing commuters on foot, bike or cars, who can guess who’ll stop to look, reaching out for that self-contained book? What we do know, that’s for sure – A book is a universe, for rich and for poor.

Located at:17a Haig Ave, Denistone East, NSW, Australia

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