Harrow Farm Street Library

8 Church Road, Harrogate, SA, 5244

Our little library is in a shady spot at the top of Church Road, Harrogate on the right, with a great view of ‘Four Tree Hill’.

When I first discovered the worldwide little community library movement some years ago, I embraced it wholeheartedly. What a great way to combine our passion for books, sustainability, and our local Harrogate community. I’m so excited to be finally part of Australia’s street library network. This is the perfect project to share our love of books, reading and education. You’ll find a diverse selection of books on offer.

This library started life as an old bedside table which sat in one of our sheds for years. Ken did the woodwork to turn it into what was required, I did the artwork which shows the view (with some artistic license) and one of our Sussex cockerels, my namesake. You might also spot in the picture a caterpillar, A Very Hungry Caterpillar perhaps but also a very special one that will grow into a Monarch or Wanderer Butterfly, that although not native is unique to this part of the Mount Lofty Ranges. We are actively encouraging this species in our garden, and you may even see one of these beautiful orange-brown butterflies flitting around in the area.

We’re in the centre of Harrogate, and often see walkers going past our gate and down the easement, so thought this might be a good place to stop for a breather, enjoy the view and find a book to take home. You’re welcome to perch on the tree stump next to the library. It is right outside our gate beside shady pine trees and a peppercorn tree, and we’ll keep the dog bowl replenished with water where possible.

On the other side of the gate, you’ll no doubt see ‘Baa-bara’ and ‘Ewe-nice’. Do say g’day to them, but sadly they won’t answer!

Located at:8 Church Road, Harrogate, SA, 5244

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