Heart of Bergin Street Booval

10/20 Bergin Street Booval Queensland 4304

Started for the local community members living in housing to build community spirit. A large range of books readily available

I moved to this Housing Unit complex several months ago. I have enjoyed getting to know those who have let me and I see the little family we have here. Being Housing Commission Units in the middle of other 1 other Housing Unit Complex I know Ive callen this place the “forgotten place” . It’s got a bad reputation but at the heart of it lies human beings who have been helpful to me since moving in. We’re always there when needing a hand, and when one gets into trouble. The idea of the library was to show Local Bergin Street residents that people do still care and that it still is a little community and with a lot of heart. Knowledge is power and I have gained so much personally from reading. I believe the day we stop learning we stop dying.. so lets keep Bergin Street Booval alive!

Once it’s proper home done Will be updated ploaded the community library is being painted by an local aboriginal man known to the community for his generosity, willingness to listen and sense of community. Will be painted traditional aboriginal

Located at:10/20 Bergin Street Booval Queensland 4304

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