Hibernation Station

61 Napier Crescent, Essendon VIC, Australia

Located a few steps from Glenbervie Station, Hibernation Station has three shelves of books and a community bench to sit down and watch the world go by.

She came for a few weeks, but stayed for five months as COVID-19 ground the world to a standstill. Jacq, our help exchange-backpacker, accepted our invitation to ride out the Coronavirus storm with our family in Essendon, rather than head back to her American home. So in March 2020, we took on hibernation totems and bunkered down for 12 weeks of isolation. A time where a bear, tortoise, hedgehog, lemur, and rattlesnake lived and worked together to get by each day but also undertake projects to make sustainable changes to our home and garden. Jacq has designed, built, and painted the library to remember our time of “hibernation”. The library also serves as a reminder of the importance of family and community, a lesson we all learnt as we sat in our bubble, all coming to terms with our families’ experiences in America and the UK. The need to look out for each other, to share and to care during a crisis, needs to be remembered and applied every day. Our library is also a thankyou. Jacq reads a book a day, so Street Libraries kept her going, literally and literarily. We are eternally grateful to have shared our isolation period with Jacq the Hedgehog.

Located at:61 Napier Crescent, Essendon VIC, Australia

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