Holden Rally Team Aranda Street Library

21 Gingana Street Aranda ACT 2614

An eclectic mix of books, toys, games and oddities housed in a beautiful bushland setting maintained by our outback charity rally team boys 🏁

As part of my 2019 goal to go from hoarder to minimalist in 365 days, I recently culled my books from 106 down to 5. My brother in law suggested I put them in the bush reserve across the road. I thought he was joking about a bonfire until I stumbled across a little street library Facebook post (which is what he actually meant).

I love free exchanges and ideas that bring communities together, so I immediately put a call out for a donor vintage fridge as that would best complement the 1950s cars and caravan we have in our front yard.

Whilst they wait for theirs to turn up, my three boys: Erik (9), Oscar (7) and Magnus (5) donated their old bookcase and got busy painting pictures all over it and painted street signs.

The best part about creating a LSL has been spending time outside with the boys on a creative artistic project which has already progressed to an adjacent succulent garden.

The boys stocked our LSL with kids books, adult novels and biographies. They also included toys, games and various unsold items left over from our outback Holden Rally Team charity fundraising (for sick, disabled and disadvantaged kids). You’ll find anything from a frisbee to kombi van coffee mugs. We also have a hand-painted wheelie bin for people to exchange recyclable plastic bottles for items.

You can find us at 21 Gingana Street Aranda and www.facebook.com/arandastreetlibrary
Cheers, Tim

Located at:21 Gingana Street Aranda ACT 2614

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