The Hulk – Evatt Street Library

34 Fuhrman Street, Evatt, ACT

It's big, it's bold and it's green. It's The Hulk and it has an eclectic collection of books suitable for all ages.

How to find The Hulk:
The Hulk is located at the back of a battle-axe block. To find it follow these instructions. When you arrive at number 34 continue along the street for approximately 65m past number 24. Turn left and walk along the path for approximately 70m. Turn left at the next path and walk along it for approximately 75m. You”ll then see The Hulk on your left. ***

Origins of The Hulk:
One day a post about street libraries appeared in my Facebook timeline and I was intrigued. After working out what a street library was I thought it was a great way to connect with the local community. So my whole family started our street library adventure to see where it would take us. We found a very cool, bright green, retro fridge and it was quickly nicknamed The Hulk and now it’s ready to give and receive books. Whenever you drop by be sure to sign the Visitors Book.You can also find The Hulk on Facebook at @TheHulkEvattStreetLibrary

Located at:34 Fuhrman Street, Evatt, ACT

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