Idalia street library

16 Westbrook Drive Idalia

Conveniently perched in the walkway between 14 and 16 Westbrook Drive in Idalia is a busy little library with something for everyone. Encouraging reading, book swaps and above all, conversations and interactions among the community, this little library is an instant success!

I am a book worm and a compulsive buyer of books. When the Townsville council announced the street library project, I couldn’t help get excited as this was my chance to meet fellow book lovers. I live in a typical Aussie suburb with friendly neighbours who are always happy to exchange a greeting and a wave, but this seemed the perfect opportunity to help increase community interaction. I started the library with some of my duplicate books and the rate they flew off the shelf and the positive comments encouraged to start and actively source out more books. The library has been up for just a week, and the permanent structure came up today, thanks again to one of my neighbours on a fence of another neighbour (typical of my suburb)! I am hoping to add many more books as they keep pouring in (and out) and hopefully, this little library will be the nidus of an even stronger community.

Located at:16 Westbrook Drive Idalia

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