Indigo’s Little Book Nook – Where little imaginations soar !

107 Koolang Road Green Point, NSW , 2550

Explore our charming street library at the front of Indigo ELC Green Point for delightful tales and educational adventures. Spark curiosity and share the joy of reading with your little ones!

Our street library’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that cultivating a love for reading is our ultimate superpower. We embark on a mission to craft enchanting reading adventures, magically transforming mere pages into endless pathways leading to boundless knowledge and limitless imagination. Join us on this wondrous literary journey, where every book serves as a gateway to a new world waiting to be explored. Together, let us read, learn, and grow, one story at a time.

At Indigo, we wholeheartedly embrace the concept that ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ operating in harmonious partnership with families and our local community. Within this collaborative network, every individual discovers the support and opportunity to actively engage. Our commitment lies in nurturing the complete development of each child, tending to their minds and senses within our natural, creative, and immersive environment.

Located at:107 Koolang Road Green Point, NSW , 2550

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