Janjans 7th Street Library

30 Seventh Street, Weston, NSW, Australia 2326

I love the fact that physical books are still desirable. I want to make sure that everyone can have access to books that spark imagination.

I have my own mini library in house and once I got to the point of being able to let go of some books, I didn’t want them to be wasted. Charity shops at the time weren’t taking them. When I learnt about Street Libraries, I knew that this was a way to be able to share good books with others.
The difficulty was in what to use. I am a bit proponent of upcycling, and the kits available out there, were way to small for the books I had to give away. A friend sent me a photo of a fridge being used as one at a caravan spot in the outback, and that was that. I just needed to wait for my 24 year old fridge to die….which it eventually did. The rest is just details.

Located at:30 Seventh Street, Weston, NSW, Australia 2326

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